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Mensch Mill Retreat

On April 28, seventeen embers of St. John's, including our new pastor, Rev. Barbara Kershner, spent the day at Camp Mensch Mill enjoying fellowship and reviewing the strategic plan for the congregation.  The group identified 3 major areas for focus in the coming year: Guild, Adult Education, and Youth.  Significant changes are anticipated in Guild structure.  The youth of the congregation may form a commission to encourage activity and participation.  Adult Bible study and men's fellowship will be explored.  Each group chose specific goals for the coming year.  In addition to these areas, continued work on the restoration project and revision of the policy manual were also noted as ongoing projects.  If you have interest in any of these areas, please contact the church office at 366-2255 and someone will be in touch with you.  Also, considre attending the retreat next year.  And thanks to all who attended this year.

Special thanks to Kathy Strong and all the other helpers for their work on the Mother's room at the SWIC transitional house.  The generosity of our congregation and our partnership with St. Paul's Summer Hill has allowed us to contribute furnishings for a beautiful room.

Camp Mensch Mill is looking for a representative from our congregation to serve as a liaison for their capital campaign. Anyone interested can call Kay Jones for more information at 366-1333.