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Congratulations, Confirmands

On Sunday, June 3 we will celebrate the rite of confirmation for three of our youth.  Amanda Hartranft, Mallory Moore and Kayla Trumbo will be received into full membership and profess their faith and vows of Christian service.  The rite of confirmation is an act whereby those who receive infant baptism may affirm the vows taken on their behalf. Until this point, parents, sponsors and the church have been responsible for their Christian nurture and support.  With confirmation, these people are often releaesd from the promises that they made and the youth assume responsibility for their relationship to Christ and his church. The youth proclaim that they do indeed accept Christ as their savior and wish to have the blessing that was bestowed upon them in infancy.  Hands are laid upon them and the presence and power of the Holy Spirit are bestowed.  We thank the parents of these girls for fulfilling the vows that they have made by bringing their daughters to this important step in their lives.  Thank you to the teachers and all who have shared their faith and the stories of Jesus to them over the years, especially Ellen Brossman, who has taught them in this critical year.  May God bless you all for witnessing in Christ's name.